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Breed Standards

We are Dr. Brian and Cynthia Bailey, and are thoroughly devoted to our hobby of breeding, showing and loving Burmese and Bombay cats. We are a small cattery located in northeastern Kentucky, Boyd County, directly across the Ashland bridge from Ironton, Ohio.

Being located in the Tri-State area (Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia), we are 1.5 hours from Lexington, Kentucky; only 20 minutes from Huntington, West Virginia;
1.5 hours from Charleston, West Virginia; and 2.5 hours from Columbus, Ohio.

Our cats are raised in our home with us; they are not in a separate house, building or facility. They are truly a part of our family.

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We breed and show Burmese and Bombay cats/kittens. Why do we show our cats? Firstly, because we enjoy the cat shows (we are addicted!) and the camaraderie of fellow exhibitors (it’s not just about cats after all).

Secondly, it provides us an opportunity to see what the competition is like.

And thirdly, it gives us an unbiased critical assessment of our cats, by judges who see many Burmese and Bombay cats in the course of their careers. This, along with our own "look", will enable us to continually improve the breed.

What is the difference between a pet quality or show quality cat/kitten?
Usually, no difference. We breed every litter for show quality kittens. Our goal is the next litter is better than the last. If you desire a pet, most likely you will also be getting a cat that is show quality. Not to say there are occasionally cats and kittens with flaws that make them truly pet quality and they are priced accordingly. If you are interested in showing one of our cats in the kitten/champion/alter classes, we will do our best to mentor your success. Please ask when you inquire.

We do not sell "whole" cats, that is cats with registrations that allow them to be used as breeders to pet homes. All cats/kittens sold are eligible for registration with The International Cat Association, (TICA) & Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

However, we do sell breeder and or show kittens/cats to reputable established catteries in good standing with three references along with contact information from fellow Burmese/Bombay breeders who are actively involved in the Cat Fancy showing their cats. We will assist in a mentoring program with folks interested in breeding and showing pedigree cats.

Kittens receive their basic inoculations before leaving our cattery for their new homes. We recommend you take your new Pandora Burmese or Bombay kitten ASAP (within 72-hours) to your veterinarian for a well-kitten exam.

We do not let our Pandora Cats' kittens go until they are between 14 and 16 weeks of age. A written health guarantee and contract, as well as a mandatory Spay/Neuter Agreement is provided with each sale, and available for you to preview/download/print at the links below.



(in .doc format)

 (in .pdf format)

(MUST BE signed for each Sale of an un-altered Kitten)

Your contract may be faxed to (606) 324-0668

We cannot reserve a kitten on "word only." A signed and dated contract along with a $300 Non-refundable deposit for pets and $500 Non-refundable deposit for breeder and/or show kittens/cats will hold a kitten/cat.

We accept deposits through PayPal, by check or money order, and major credit cards and will do our best to match you with a cat/kitten of your choice.

* * * NOTE * * *
Pandoracats is doing business as Adorablerags.
If paying by check or money order, please make the check/money order out to Adorablerags

If you make out your check to Pandoracats, I cannot cash it!
It HAS to be written to Adorablerags!

If you wish to make a payment by credit card, call our office at (606) 324-3668

Shipping is available depending on the destination and more importantly the time of year. Our small regional airport in Huntington, West Virginia is an option. However, we prefer, if possible, that you pick up your kitten/cat from us in person. Shipping costs and related risks are the responsibility of the buyer.

We do have a few requirements of future owners of our cats. We ask that the kitten/cat never be de-clawed, always receive excellent medical attention, the cat will be indoors only, the home environment is friendly and accepting of a feline (no threatening animals), and the home will be permanent and the cat will never be given or sold to a research facility or animal shelter. We will accept a kitten/cat back if the home is unable to maintain a healthy living environment. There are no refunds given in that event. Both the Burmese and Bombay cats are very loyal devoted kittens/cats, looking for a lifelong relationship. We do reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone we feel would violate our contract and the above documentation.

If we have peeked your interest in our handsome and lovely Burmese and Bombay kittens/cats, then we encourage you to call Contact Us with your inquiries, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We invite you to visit our website further, and also read  "What is a Burmese cat?" and "What is a Bombay cat?"

We thank you for allowing us to assist you in adopting a special Pandora Cats' kitten for you to love.


This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by
The International Cat Association, Inc.