Just an update on Leonidas. He is doing awesome, best pet we have ever had!
Pic with my wife...but I’m the favorite.

27 November 2020



This is Finley. Although we have only had him for one week,
he has stolen our hearts.
We picked him up and immediately began a long journey back to Florida
where we were expecting a hurricane (thankfully missed us).
We stopped overnight at a hotel and he was so good,
you would have thought he was an experienced traveler!
He settled into our home nicely and has already begun introductions
to my Bombay which went very well.
Before long they will be running all over the house.
Thank you Cynthia for trusting us with one of your babies.
He is so well socialized, I know it's due to your excellent care and love of these cats.
Thank you again and I will stay in touch to keep you updated on Finley.

Sincerely, Bonnie L

Finley DOB May 8th 2019
Adopted August 30, 2019
Brooksville, Florida



My Loki is the sweetest kitten. Born 05/08/19.
I can tell all the time that Cynthia has put into him.
He is very loving, sleeps with me. He is the most handsome kitten ever.
The wait was well worth it, he is giving me much happiness.
Connie S
19 August 2019



Sara growing up. Very active. Runs the house like it's hers.
She is the Queen of everything!

John E.
July 2019



This is our sweetest cat ever. We can not thank you and Bree enough
for all the work and effort to create such a loving and easy cat.
We are thrilled.
The kitten who loves every one!
We are delighted with this perfect kitten. Everyone stops by to meet her
and they all fall in love with her gentle sweet nature.
I think she loves people and is sleeping on my chest as I write this.
She is the best kitten!

Diane Michael
July 2019

Update on the Most Perfect and Awesome Kitten on the planet!!! 
Reuben turned 16 months on Monday! 
He is probably at the “terrible twos” in kitten age! 
He explores and is into everything!
No fear and as determined to do what he wants to do as
any 2 yr old I’ve ever known!! 
He’s graduated to complete freedom thru the whole house
but is always in whatever room I am! 
He outgrew is first kitten collar and is on his second one!
He is eating more and growing like a weed! 
I’m pretty sure he knows his name.
Comes when I call him but might just be my voice. 
He will crawl in Jasper the dog’s bed and cuddle up next to him! It’s adorable!
His energy is endless as is his affection and love.
He had his 3rd inoculation 2 wks ago at the Cat Hospital
where he was pre-examined for neutering Sept 18. 
I also fell in love with the vet and his wife who run the clinic!  
He travels weekly with me to my mom’s as I care for her Thurs thru Sun
and he’s as comfortable there as here - 
my mom adores him and he makes a point to snuggle on her lap. 
He is truly my heart and I love him so much I worry I might be some crazy cat lady!
Just wanted you to know ... he has changed my world
Hello! I’m Reuben and I am Prince of this palace! I now reside in Pittsburgh, PA 
where I have literally stolen hearts and changed worlds with my cute self! 
I’m healthy, lovable, ornery, funny and everything in between! 
I love my chicken kitten dinners and will do acrobatics at any given time! 
I do a sideways break-dance that could get me a spot on AGT,
and race after phantom mice which keeps the canine co-inhabitants on their toes! 
(They love me and tormenting them is the best!)
My breeder, Cynthia and my pal, Bre who worked to socialize me, 
could not have done a better job! 
My new “hooman” is over the moon in love, 
and I’m pretty much as spoiled as they come! 
This is her first experience with the Burmese breed and it’s safe to say she’s sold!!



Sweet Sable Burmese male with his new family.
Both Burmese and Bombay cats are excellent companions
for children and people of all ages.


Hello Cynthia. This is Rocky R. from Pickerington, Ohio.
It has been one year since my son and I picked up Maxwell from you.
What a sweet boy he has been a wonderful addition to our family.
He is doing very well, has never had a bathroom accident, has bonded with my son, loves to play with our dog, is so acrobatic, and is the best cat ever.
Thanks so much for breeding your cats and I'm sure making so many people happy. Merry Christmas to you and your husband and go UK Wildcats.



Pandoracats Sable Burmese male kitten at his new home playing fetch.

Click the 'Play' button to start the video



Best Friends

Newly adopted Bombay female kitten with her new best friend.



Thank you for the best Christmas present ever - My precious Tanner!
We adore him.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
Melynda, Birmingham AL



Cuddles and Maxwell

Hi Cynthia, this Rocky R.
Our kitten, Maxwell, is doing great. He has been in the bedroom for the most part and has really bonded with my son Benji. He let's everyone come in and pet him and is happy to see us all. He's a real sweetheart. He's been eating well too. We took him to the vet a couple of days ago and everyone in the office had to come and see him multiple times. Most everyone there had never seen a Burmese. We let him out into the main living area last night and he had a great time exploring the house. Wow, is he ever lightning quick. We have gradually been introducing him to our dog, the Bichone Frise, and the dog doesn't bark or growl at him and Maxwell isn't running away from him any more. I think they will be best friends. He is already a great addition to the family.



No problems on the trip home, she was very calm and quiet.
It only took a few minutes for her to come out of the crate and start exploring;
then we had a brief play session.

You have done a wonderful job of preparing Tess for her new home;
she is amazingly well socialized.

(8 December 2017)



I have on my sweater as it is snowing in Birmingham, AL today.
We have 5 inches of snow!

Translated by Melynda Stephens
(8 December 2017)



Ebony Ella & Coco say hello from Texas!



Hi Cynthia! This is Melynda from Birmingham, AL.
We adore Tanner and this is a video of him playing catch.

Click the 'Play' button to start the video

He has our heart! Our vet's office loves him too. He goes back Thursday for rest of shots he didn't get on previous visit

Melynda, AL
(27 November 2017)



Thank you Cynthia and Brian for the outstanding experience getting our Burmese cat. You all were wonderful to deal with and our new guy Toki has been a joy.
He wants to be near us all the time and sleeps right beside me every night.

He also has adapted well with our 7 year old Himalayan and they are fast becoming buddies. Also our grand kids absolutely love him and he loves interacting with them.

We couldn't ask for a better experience and a better cat!!

Again, thanks for everything.

Allison Lamb, Lebanon OH
(14 November 2017)



My husband loves panthers, so we did some research and found that Bombay
cats are like "miniature panthers". We found Pandora Cats Bombay & Burmese Cattery in 2015 and are the proud pet parents to Kleo Blackberry, our sweet, energetic, beautiful, friendly female purebred Bombay cat. She has a great personality and temperament, as she is wonderful at welcoming anyone who
comes into our home. Kleo is a people lover and enjoys cuddling, playing fetch,
and taking walks outside in her pet stroller.
We highly recommend Pandora Cats and we just love Kleo Blackberry!

Kate S., Troy, Ohio
(11 November 2017)



Wanted to update you on Tanner. He is super loving and cuddles so much.
Very vocal also. We totally adore him. Very energetic and is eating and drinking well. Goes to doctor Thursday afternoon.
Thank you again for such a perfect baby.

Melynda S.
(8 November 2017)



Hi Cynthia,

Sorry this is late getting to you, I just realized that I hadn't sent it.  Please find the attached invoice as evidence of neutering at 6 months.

Some updates:
Nigel is seriously the SWEETEST cat I have ever known! I was sick with the flu recently and he showed off his nurse cat skills, staying glued to me and riding out my chills and sweats with ease.
He is learning to walk on a lead now, and doing pretty good. Also starting to play fetch, but he's very picky about exactly which toy, ha ha.

Funny story: My laundry room is in the basement, but Nigel isn't allowed down there and I keep the door closed. I didn't want to always be fighting to keep him away from that door when I'm struggling to go through with a full laundry basket, so I started training him to sit in the kitchen chair and wait there if I go to the basement. I just give him a treat every time I come back upstairs and he is still in the chair. He learned this soooooo fast. Now he comes running to sit in the kitchen chair from wherever he is in the house each time he hears the basement door open, and he never tries to go down the stairs. Ha ha! He is soooooooo food driven, anything for a treat :) He was giving me a lot of trouble over my own meals though, and clambering to get in my plate every time I ate. So I started working with him on this by giving him a treat in his own bowl after I'm finished eating, only if he stays off of me and behaves while I eat. He's totally getting the hang of it! He lays on the other side of the room and watches me eat, and then runs to his bowl when I get up to wash my plate. Smart little dude!
What are your favorite cat training tips and trained behaviors?

Here are some pictures :)


This one was taken just this week, and he was put out with me trying repeatedly to get his picture when I was SUPPOSED to be petting him, ha ha!


Tricia C.
(8 September 2017)


Hi Cynthia & Brian,

Thought I would drop you a note and a couple of pictures of Sinister -- he's doing GREAT and very much the picture of health. He is also the Undisputed Master of this household. He continues to pour out his affection to us and he is such a kind and gentle Spirit. We love him very much and often thank our lucky stars that you and Brian allowed us to be his secondary parents. We hope that all is going well with you and Brian and we keep up with you indirectly by occasionally looking at Pandora's Cats web site.


Tom and Judy Patterson
(9 July 2017)



Thank YOU for raising such amazing kitties! He is truly purrfect in every way. Follows me everywhere chatting with me and moves right in to snuggle mode
when I sit down.
The work you do to get them socialized really shows and he seems soooo happy.

Do you recommend a specific chew toy for teething?
I'm trying to get him interested in chewing the banana but he's not too keen on it.

Tricia, Lexington, KY
(2 May 2017)



This is Thom Hastings, a little up date on Salem.
He is doing great. He had his wellness check up was in great shape.
The vet and everyone thought he is just something. He is still eating really good.
He weighed 5 pounds!
He is very smart and loving. He loves to play fetch, in fact he will just out of the clear blue bring his fetch toy to you to play.
He is just a handsome little boy and a great addition to our family.
I hope all is well for you and your family. We are so happy with Salem, just so glad we found you. You did a great job

Thom H
(27 January 2017)



Merry Christmas to all of you!
Salem is doing great, eating both foods, drinking and using litter box.
He is really busy, you guys did a great job with him.
My child and girl friend were here last night,
he was ok with them holding and petting him. He is just perfect!
We are so glad we have him, he is in a good loving home.
Have a great day.

Thom H
(December 2016)