CFA CH From Olivia’s Serenity
of Pandoraburm



Pandoraburm Dream



Pandoraburm Susie Q

Black Bombay



Pandoraburm Sara Lee

Sable Burmese



CFA GC From Olivia’s Pearls
of Pandoraburm




Burma Filony Venus of Pandoraburm
Future Show Cat and Breeder

Venus with Irina

Dear Irina Filonova, Venus is one of the most beautiful Burmese kittens I have ever seen! Irina, I understand that it was difficult for you to part with Venus. We simply adore Venus! We thank you, Irina, so much for trusting us with this very special and super friendly & cuddly girl. She will be a lovely show cat and show breeder.

Irina, We are so proud of Venus and her six finals at her very first show,
Chatte Noir Club, Cat Fanciers’ Association in Russia.
Thank you for this special girl, Venus!!!



Burma Filony Eva of Pandoraburm

Dear Irina, Thank you so much for this stunningly beautiful girl, Eva!
She has been a joy to have here and to add to our cattery.
We thank you so much for our sweet girl, Eva!
We’re hoping she becomes pregnant very soon. Thank you again. We love you!



Sun Way Margot of Pandoraburm

Dear Marina Ivanitskaya-O Kolosova, Thank you for trusting us with this stunningly gorgeous girl, Margot! She has the sweetest temperament and is a lovely addition to our cattery. We dearly love, Margot! We love you too!



Lyuboburm Hope of Pandoraburm

Dear Natalya Gnatyuk, Thank you so much for trusting us with Hope.
She is a dream come true. I love her type and her lovable temperament!
It was so nice having Prudy and Ernie here with us when Hope, Hope’s sister,
Irina’s girl, Eva, and Cassandra all arrived together at our home in Ashland, KY
from Russia delivered by the wonderful Yulia! We are all so happy with these stunningly beautiful girls! We love our Russia friends who are like family and thank them for their trust and friendship



Sun Way Pageant of Pandoraburm
Future Show Cat and Breeder

 Thank you, Marina Ivanitskaya for trusting us with this stunningly beautiful and healthy girl, Pageant! Pageant arrived at the airport with her air nanny, "Yulia" purring all the way home from a long journey from Russia. It was a marvelous experience working with both Marina and Yulia. I highly recommend both of them!



Pandora Whisper

Champagne Burmese



Carney Cats Precious Jewels of Pandora



Vindouro Harper of Pandora



Pandora Bidi Bidi Bom Bom



NFusion Black Velvet of Pandora



CH Starburm Coco Rocha of Pandora

Coco received eight finals at her first kitten show at five months of age
at the "Haunted Indiana" Show, October 18th &19th 2014 in Evansville, IN
Way to go Coco!

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Evita That Girl of Pandora



NFusion Ella of Pandora



NFusion Piper Laurie of Pandora
- - Adopted by Claudia Mc 8/6/2021 - -


NFusion Monkey of Pandora
- - Adopted by Victoria K  10/20/2021 - -


Pandora Fiona
(Retired and Adopted)



Starburm's Skye Blue



Starburm Heidi Klum of Pandora


DGC Pandora Zoey

Zoey received her Champion, Grand Champion and Double Grand Champion
in her first adult show, at the "Haunted Indiana" Show, October 18th &19th 2014
in Evansville, IN
Way to go Zoey!

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QGC Vindouro Victorias Secret of Pandora
- - Adopted by Mary Ellen - -