Our Services


New patients receive a full podiatric physical exam including:

Comprehensive Medical History
Complete Dermatological Exam
Complete Neurological Exam
Complete Vascular Exam including Computerized Doppler arterial / venous exams when indicated
Complete Musculoskeletal Exam
Muscle testing
Range of Motion
Gait Analysis
Radiological Exam of foot and ankle when indicated
Nutritional status and dietary consultation when indicated


Services include:

Diabetic Foot Care
Toenail debridement
Corns & Calluses
Ulcers and Wounds
Therapeutic Shoes
Ingrown toenails
Emergency (seen immediately)
Permanent toenail removal either, Partial or Total
Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis usually cured without shots or surgery
Stress fractures
Subcalcaneal bursitis
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Nerve entrapment
Neuromas are usually healed with orthotic therapy or EtOH injections
Warts are removed surgically with minimal pain
Skin lesions biopsied
Accommodated with pads or custom molded devices and shoes.
Flexible corrected with a one minute percutaneous tenotomy
Rigid corrected with arthrodesis or arthroplasty
Shoes and orthotics
Surgery when all else fails to relieve pain
Children’s foot problems
Flat feet
Full X-Ray equipment
Doppler computerized vascular exam
Therapeutic shoes for diabetics and anyone else





Dr. Brian K. Bailey
Podiatric Physician & Surgeon

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